Wednesday, May 26, 2004

... speaketh the Film-maker: The last two days have been, to say the least, maddening - I have been running all over the place to get the first draft of my short film (for my film making class) out. After a zillion technical glitches and a painfully long (but rewarding) editing process version 1.0 was out and by the grace of GOD people in the class liked it. Some things I learned in the process:

1. Most hardware and software for film production are proprietary and lacks any kind of standardization.
2. Notebooks and desktops have different number of pins in their Firewire ports (this one cost me $25).
3. Moviemaker does a very good job of film splitting (and its free).
4. Editing is highly under rated.
5. Jim and Bill in UCSD Media Center are among the most helpful people I have seen.

It will take another week before I get done with the final version but let me leave you with the opening lines of this extravaganza:

She f****d me bad
Not in a sexy way
F****d me deep
So the pain can stay

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