Monday, May 31, 2004

for the lack of a better title the mention of the lack of a title. Spent the day trying to work on my fast failing communication skills. Spoke to Modi, Ari and the Dam kins. Have been bugging people with what I have been terming as obvious poetry - in a nutshell this is going to be absolute crap that I am going to indulge in for the next two weeks. It includes senseless things like:

He has a wife,
He has a son.
He is a husband and a father.

This is going to be pure stinking unadulterated crap. Rented the DVD of Oliver Stone's U-Turn - didn't get around watching it though. Tomorrow is likely to be (read should be) maddening work and I hope to get some stuff done. Spoke to G -

I spoke less,
She spoke lesser ...
Its like we were "Dumb"struck.

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