Tuesday, May 11, 2004

For the want of juice. Spoke to Ranajit in the evening and he informed me that he found my writing on this blog very dry. I informed him that the only juice words coming out of me ever get is saliva. The rest of the conversation consisted of similar cheap attempts at humor from both sides - largely in the form of obscure references to women we both had forgotten. However, the interesting thing that came up is that Ranajit's web site has the words - "Howard Stern" and "crotch" in it (albeit separately and in what Ranajit calls justified contexts) and apparently there was a rare Google search comprising of these words that led to his site. Shocking! So as an experiment I will add some stray terms to end this entry and see if people ever reach this page by searching for any of these terms - gooogle, yaho, movis, intresting, missspelt (for the reader who is still confused these are words that are incorrectly spelt versions of common terms).

yaaaayyyy... my search ended and ur experiment bore fruit! providence!

you're so funny!!! :) hehe...i jus came across the link and decided to read your blog from the beginning...and i already love it!! :)
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