Saturday, May 15, 2004

I let just one wake me from my dreams.
I let just one break my heart.
I let just one drown me in a pool so deep,
That I knew no end no start.

They had told me so.
Warned me afore.
Tried to open my eyes
From the visible blindless.

But I chose the darkness.
Thought the bleak will soon be gone,
And warmth with arms spread so wide
Will wait for me out there.

But days went by and the shivering cold
Soon hit my nerves so raw,
I woke up cold, no one to hold
In a room of shattered thoughts.

Will I ever be what I was
Before the dreams I dreamt?
Will I ever be what I was
When the nickels of joy weren't spent?

Will I ever be - me again ?

Tough Q. I have asked myself that and always came up with nought as answer.
Your verse reminded me of a poem that i wrote on similar lines..wonder if i will find that paper again!
Or me for that matter...
good try!
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