Thursday, May 06, 2004

Marriage: Just got a mail from Madhura, an ex college mate of mine. She is happily married. So are people like Amit, Aruna, Vivek, Preeti, Abhishek, Sunayna and the list goes on ... I am really happy for these people.

Wow - imagine three years back there were friends of mine with whom I discussed the answer to the last problem in the Control System's paper and now these people have discussions I can barely be a mute spectator to.

I don't see myself married right now - mainly because it will be very difficult to have a child when your mental maturity is like his/hers. I can actually see fighting with my son over TV shows we would watch. My wife would suggest having two televisions but then the problem will not stop there - would need to buy two DVD players, two packets of chitos, two X Boxes and finally we would both compete for my wife's attention at which point my wife would suggest having a second wife - obedient that I am I will take this advice too and this wife will have a child and ... this is a problem close to my heart ... its a recurrence relation.

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