Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Mondays are hectic for me. I have my Film-making class from 3-5.30 and a Financial Investments class between 7 and 10. That means I miss my daily dose of sitcoms in the evening - which leaves me feisty and volatile. However, on realizing that this space has not been supplied with new material that the several million visitors would like to savor, I decided to pen down some sweet nothings.

- I became a member of Google to make use of its API. Gotta take a look at that. I plan to develop a more personalized front end and search filtering mechanism based on mining information. This is my own little experiment for the coming month.

- Saw Main Hoon Na. It was barely OK - as I told Rakesh - most people praising the movie would have different opinions had SRK not acted in it.

Thought about a third thing to add and realized that if we just have two points then we (maybe its just me but then generalization sounds romantic) feel the situation did not warrant a point-wise representation. Nevertheless, a third point could not be thought of - so "un dous blank" it is ...

Confession: I thought you were from UCSD, and so I made google sneak on you. See, I didn't, but google did!

I saw the anagrams you made of your name. And I saw your resume too. All I wanted to say is - I am so impressed!!
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