Saturday, May 08, 2004

More on the Central Perk fellas: My father too, who gathers all his knowledge about the Western World from the back pages of the numerous newspapers he reads, is aware of the FRIENDS hysteria. He barely knows who the characters in the sitcom were but mailed me asking me if Ross and Rachel got together.

This will definitely be my last entry (but who is to blame me if I lie) about FRIENDS in this blog. Every good thing warrants a good closure and FRIENDS was no "just good thing". Every evening when I searched for activities to keep myself busy, my television would sing the Rembrandts' tune and I would almost invariably be entertained for the next 30 mins. So it doesn't matter excreta to me if the critics found it overtly sentimental, if John Stewart said that he did not see it or the intelligentsia weren't satisfied with the wit - all that matters is that FRIENDS made many of us laugh - and that's probably why it got some tears when it left.

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