Monday, May 31, 2004

Noir ... My fascination towards the noir genre is fast increasing with U-Turn being the latest in the series to enthrall me. Surprisingly, in spite of its stellar star cast and Oliver Stone's name, the film is not that well known. According to BoxOfficeMojo this happens to be one of Stone's lowest earning movies. Further research on some of my favorites from this genre and their box office outcomes revealed the following:

Pulp Fiction : $107 million
Snatch : $30 million
Reservoir Dogs : $3 million (it was however made for less than $1.5 million and I am only listing the US box office turnovers)
Lock, Stock ... : $4 million

Hmmm, somebody got to make these movies earn more.

can't believe Lock Stock .. made that less!! That was a classic! Better than Snatch.

If you like Noir, you should try Memento. Lovely movie.
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