Thursday, May 06, 2004

On making blogs popular. A friend of mine informed me that he liked my blog - giving vanity an ego boost. This makes me wonder with a zillion blogs available how does one increase the visibility of a blog. I remember an anecdote my father used to tell me using G. B. Shaw's name as the protagonist's. Apparently Shaw would go to various publishers and enquire about "Bernard Shaw's latest book". The simple scheme worked for Shaw and the rest was history.

Ranajit, a close friend of mine, has a fairly well visited blog and his secret lies in the fact that he creates a collage of interesting news snippets for his blog. This initially attracted a lot Google hits and now he has a fairly dedicated user base.

There are other blogs which deal with specific issues and therefore have a dedicated user base. This makes me wonder how to make my blog more visible. More importantly - do I want to make my blog more read? The answer is yes - for a blog like mine, which does not take a stance nor discusses issues of social/technical/gastronomic/farcical importance the only reason for writing is to be read. Why else would I publish stray thoughts on the web instead of storing them in a local Word file of my computer. "Elementary dear Watson" - the answer is to be seen and read by all and sundry. Even though I offer nothing in form or content, my mind hopes to gather a "reader-base". Will it or won't it - that's the question.

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