Friday, May 07, 2004

Poem ... A small piece describing my current mental state. Like most of my poems I am not giving this one a name too. I feel a name gives away too much and the reason I choose poetry is just the opposite.

Walking knowing where I head
that's the reason I am lost ...

Do I want to reach there now ?
Knowing what's there in store,
Reach and rest in a land afar
Though I might deplore.

Or should I just keep walking on?
Or should I just keep going stray?
Or should I just keep being lost?
Or should I just look every way?

But what if I tire
Loose my desire
Sit back and wonder
Think it was a blunder

For the land I yearned for might not be there.
Or what if I had touched it before?
What if I thought there was a greater joy
But that's just what was in store?

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