Thursday, May 20, 2004

Poll Mol ke Bol. Having spent the last few blogs alluding to my messed up mental state, it's now time to talk about something which has nothing to do with me - the great Indian Elections.

The Congress led coalition won and the BJP has been shown the gate. I must mention that I change my political inclinations with time but this time I was hoping for such an outcome. For starters - making foreign origin an election issue showed the dearth of real issues the ruling party was trying to address. Come on - does it matter if a person of foreign origin is ruling the country (which as it turns out now, is not even the case). Do you think the large fraction of India, trying to make ends meet, cares if the person getting them food is of Italian origin or Indian origin? Speak "issues" people - you are trying to lead a country - make "ability" and not "defamation" your point in case.

Staying on the issue of political preference - tried to explain to Saket how supporting the Congress does not dilute my stance on supporting Capitalism. Capitalism has to be practiced differently in US and India. A US-like Capitalism enforcement makes sense if you have already provided a fair starting point to most of your players. The concept of "let the best man win" makes sense then. However, in India what has to be practiced is a more tiered/hierarchical version of Capitalism. You can't expect the man who is applying for electricity and the man who is applying for a power plant to be treated similarly.

Have a lot more to write but have to meet people. So that's it before more shit flows.

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