Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Summer Box Office. Aha! Finally the summer season begins. Its gonna be a 10-12 week long bombarding of one blockbuster after another. For a listing of the major summer studio releases check out this link.

Just read in Rotten Tomatoes that Van Helsing hasn't impressed a large number of critics but I will anyway try to catch it on Friday.

On a personal note the movies that I am most keenly waiting this summer to nurture my desire for big screen summer bonanza are:

1. Troy - I love epic movies and this one is undoubtedly the epic of this summer (yeah I will put this above King Arthur).
2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - I really enjoyed the first two Harry Potter movies and this one happened to be my favorite book in the series too.
3. Day After Tomorrow - the effects look cool and I loved Emmerich's Independence Day.

Check out this blog (which sadly not too many have done) for more movie news, views and reviews.

P.S. Just tested the spell checker and was surprised to see that the spell checker of a Blog did not recognize "blog" as a valid word.

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