Sunday, May 23, 2004

Weekend Update. A good mix of work and indulgence in lethargy sums up the last few days. Saw Shrek 2 (liked it) and rented the DVD of Paycheck (I had missed it when it released). Played around with J2ME and managed to get it installed and ran some basic applications. Had Thai dinner and drove around different freeways for the fun of it.

I just read the stuff above and realized that it would have looked better if I had enumerated it. However, I am going to indulge in the afore mentioned lethargy and do nothing about it and go on to describe something less mundane (somehow the justification of something, using lethargy as an excuse, requires so much effort that it dilutes the argument).

While talking to Pummy last night she mentioned that during dining in one of the innumerable food joints in Kolkata some guy walked up to her and asked her if she was "Sagnik's sister". Now that is strange because not too many people find Pummy and me similar - so the guy had to know Pummy from before. Obviously the solution to this confusion would have been a simple query about the whereabouts of the guy and my sister did that. However trust Pummy to miss the name of the guy but remember his email id. So from what Pummy tells me - the guy is called Ata (I have no friend/acquaintance/enemy by that name) and the email is funrap@yahoo.com which does not reveal anything about the person's name :( So just for sheer curiosity/boredom I am going to mail "Ata" and find out who he is.

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