Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Windows vs Linux: In the evening I got into an interesting discussion with my apartment mates, Sid and Sub, about Windows and Linux. Sub and I are part of the select few ardent Windows supporters in the academic community - actually that's not true and that was the topic of discussion - we were arguing with Sid that Wndows is now slowly managing to win over the academic community as well. Sid bought our argument finally because (i) we were more persuasive :)) and (ii) he agreed that he can survive without Linux (even though he likes it) for his basic computing needs but needed Windows for his daily computer usage (for his Star Wars game, Visual C++).

I admire people who support Linux and use it but for the many who use Windows but act as proponents of Linux solely to follow the trend - I have nothing to say. Here are some links that support my claim - (i) and (ii)(ii).

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