Friday, May 14, 2004

Words from The Man. Got an amazing mail from my dad this morning. The cool thing about Bubin is that he oft manages to spell out things that you see for years without realizing. In today's mail he pointed out that we often spend a phenomenal amount of effort getting tense about things whose outcome depends completely on the ability of other people. How true! I feel extremely worked up during India's cricket matches, when the fact remains that there is nothing I could do to improve the situation. My apartment mate Rakesh, along with a zillion other people (and hats off to him for sucking me in too), get really worked up during NBA games, when once again the fact remains that all of us combined can do nothing except maybe pray at times for divine intervention. So, why do we let the ability of others rule our happiness? Aaaah! Come on, we are mere mortals - we don't do everything according to sane rationale. We are weird and thank GOD for that.

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