Monday, June 21, 2004

Keeping in tend with Sid and my current watch-a-movie-a-day policy we spent the afternoon watching Aan. The movie is a bad, albeit Indianized, rehash of De Palma's Untouchables. It took us a while (actually not till the climax) to figure out the source of inspiration (or plagiarism), not because the similarities were concealed but because we were so busy trying to figure out what was happening. Akshay played Kevin Costner, Jackie Shroff was De Niro, Sunil Shetty played Andy Garcia and Paresh Rawal we guess was the Oscar winning Sean Connery (sorry the addition of the bathroom scene missing in the original misled us). The film had oodles of blood and gore, some attempted romance which we fast forwarded (the boon of technology) and Shatrughan Sinha in speaking in the funniest of manners (ooops! we missed who his character was in the original). But then a person who spent two and a half hours watching the movie has no right to evoke mirth on the subject - or do I? Who cares and why care ...

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