Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Begun it Has - the war of the E-mailers.
Yahoo has given a major challenge to the Gmail phenomenon (which is still dormant). The day began with Yahoo raising its mail storages by a considerable amount - the major implication of this being that I don't have to periodically delete my mails to meet the 5MB quota. However, my guess is that MSN, which has almost as many users as Yahoo, will follow suit soon. This brings us to an interesting question - how much email space will ensure that Yahoo users will remain faithful and not leave their primary email addresses. Right now Yahoo is offering 100MB and Google plans to offer 1GB. Though Google is offering ten times the benefit, I feel, Yahoo has acted fast enough to secure most of it's users (add to Yahoo and MSN's advantage the fact that their ids are coupled with popular messenger services). Reminds me of a scene from Entrapment, where after a heated discussion on the sharing percentages of the bounty, Sean Connery asks the whoaaaa! looking Zeta-Jones - "what can 8 billion dollars get you that six billion can't (the actual numbers might have been different)?"

However, past experiences have tough me never to under-estimate the computing needs of people. People buy RAMs as big as what I once thought was a good enough hard disk space. So we still haven't seen the end of the e-mail battle - I feel even the start is yet to come ... may the force be with the company that benefits us most :)

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