Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Dee"war" Review
Finished watching Deewar this evening (nope, the movie did not stretch that long, we just saw it over two days). Overall an average fare. Father gets lost, son vows to get father back, bad guy turned good guy helps them and gets killed in the process. Oops! forgot to mention that there's also a girl in the movie but oops!, we missed her scenes coz we were blinking.

The movie had some decent moments. Milan Luthria, the director, had earlier made Kacchey Dhagey, which was a watchable "on the run" movie. So I expected this one to be good but this was nothing close to the mark. The movie plays into too many cliches and some of the moments during the escape sequence seems highly contrived (but then again I was watching a Hindi movie). On the whole I would give the film a 2* out of 5. Interestingly, the supporting cast seems like a direct lift from the Lagaan underdogs. We could spot four of them and maybe there were a few more hidden in the large star cast. Who cares and who knows.

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