Thursday, June 17, 2004

Enough of the incessant blabber.
Going through the entries in this blog made me realize that most of what I write does not provide any information to anyone other than myself and if I had to write things for myself then why choose the WWW as a scratchpad? So amends have to be made. Behold! I am not claiming that this blog would become a source of profound knowledge but at the same time I will try to discuss things which are likely to be of greater significance than my usual jabber.

To begin with I shall just begin ...

The cause of Anger - I have been trying to figure out what angers me most - do I get angered by incidents or is it specific traits of occurrences that irk me? This made me think about some of the things which really annoy me and it will be great if the few other people reading this blog can share their causes of rage as well - let's call this section A Page for Rage.

1. Smart Asses - they really test my patience. I have no problems with people thinking no end of themselves (actually maybe I do) but what really bothers me is when they imagine the people in front of them to be dumb.

Interestingly, some people find me to be quite a smart ass - but what the heck - I am not saying I can't be annoying. I am jotting these reasons down not to be judged but to share a view. So if you are still judging me - add yourself to my list of rage-starters.

2. Defeat - I am such a sore looser. It annoys me to accept that something which I have been thinking strongly about is wrong. So if you don't agree to this point I might be bloody bugged by you right now - but neither should you care and neither do I.

3. Impatience - Often it's not an occurrence but the lengthy delay of one that makes my face turn red.

There are several others as well but its profound to be terse. Often the acceptance of the cause for rage and thereby rationalizing it in my mind has made me cool down. So if you are reading this page ask yourself what makes you angry and try justifying these causes to yourself. If that helps you be a calmer person - cool - else what the heck - be who you are.

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