Sunday, June 20, 2004

The Honchos of the Indian Society!

I am annoyed to the bone to see the Indian fathers of the society draw their mighty swords again. Point in case is the whole Girlfriend controversy (can you believe that CNN actually covered it). To say the least this is the biggest non-issue that I have seen a while (actually the whole Nipplegate fiasco was a worthy competitor too). In a country where we barely manage to feed half the population there are people who are investing their valuable (?) time and energy in trying to tear down a movie which ideally shouldn't have run more than ten days on its own merit. And this is not the first time - remember the heat of Fire, the splash that Water created or the whole Nathuram Godse play episode. The root to the problem is that we have way too many people who have nothing to do but bear the desire to make it to front pages of tabloids. They won't stop - they will object to a lesbian film, a channel showing nudity, a billboard showing a soap ad, the length of skirts of college students et al. The morons don't have the freakin sense to go and ensure that little children in the slums get a basic education and four meals but they have all the time in the world to create effigies of Isha Kopikar (who ?) and burn it. Are we a country so void of sanity that we have to resort to the cheapest form of gimmickry to get public attention. Please people, I think we know what is right and what is not and even if we don't I don't want a group of people who definitely don't know what is right to judge and teach me. Leave the Indian media alone - let it show/print/display whatever it wants, if enough people are appalled by these depictions time will ensure that they fade to oblivion but please people - I want to read about other things than Karan Razdan's view on the Indian orthodox when I visit TOI and don't take that pleasure away from me.

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