Monday, June 21, 2004

The mysterious e-mails
I had decided that this blog will have no more mention of G. However, the following makes an interesting story and needs clarification. On checking the bitspilani97 yahoo group this morning I realized that G sent a mail complaining about some creep who spoofed her e-mail id. Sadly, there were chances of fingers pointing at me - and why not - I am the rowdy, social manner-less fella who faces the brunt of the allegations even before they fly off the shooting gun. So against my will to stay completely silent in matters like this I had to investigate the matter myself. A simple check of the IP address from the mail header and then following it up with an IP to geographic mapping revealed that the mail(s) were sent from Australia (I apologize to G for initially thinking that they were from Sunnyvale). Now it is some BITSian (why else will he mail the Pilani e-group) who is in Australia right now and knows Aruna (from one of the mail's content). I have no idea who that is but at least one can see it wasn't me. Anyway if anyone manages to trace down this BITSian I will be glad to know. The mystery thickens - just when we thought it was thin - and thin cases have a slim chance of getting solved.

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