Thursday, June 03, 2004

Potter's on his way ... Was chatting with Shoumi this morning and the new Potter movie made its way into the conversation. Most of the reviews are awesome. It doesn't matter - even if they had compared it to Kung Pow (which currently ranks very highly (lowly?) amongst the worst movies I have seen in recent times) I would have tied to catch it first day.

More on the wiz(ard)-kid - the new movie raked in 5 million pounds on its opening day in UK (the highest ever). Alfonso Cuaron, who directed this one, is not making the 4th movie, which has Mike Newell (of Four Weddings ... fame) at the helm of matters.

I remember Rishi and I had to scout around for theatres when the second film came out and that we had finally managed to catch it on the first day itself (incidentally Wenjing had treated us that night for the acceptance of her first publication). We had gone to Soup Plantation for dinner that evening - hmmm! gotta visit that place again - its been a while since I went there.

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