Friday, June 25, 2004

Some random news snippets that caught the eyes
  • I was shocked to read that Ali G (for those of you who don't know him you should definitely watch his show) spoke on the Harvard Class Day. Not forgetting the talent of the guy I can see why his speech has raised a few brows.

  • While the e-mail battle is still on (Hotmail plans to give 250MB from July) a relatively lesser known service Spymac is offering free 1GB space already. Sadly, nobody seems to take much notice. So maybe we are not going for the space but the glamour associated with having certain accounts.

  • Ask Jeeves has come up with a fairly interesting new idea for search engines. I have greatly admired Google for spearheading most of the cool search-based innovations but the binocular preview feature that Ask has started is pretty neat. What it does is lets the searcher preview the site without actually visiting it.

  • The final thing is hardly a news but a new term that I came across. Apparently there is a growing phenomenon called moblogging which stands for mobile-blogging. More on this shall be written later.

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