Tuesday, June 29, 2004

SPAM et etc.
Subs has launched a solo crusade against Spam. He was tired of being offered education (coz he claims he has enough of it), money (coz he claims he doesn't have enough of it), heirloom of the all famous Nigerian lawyer whose client has been repeatedly spotted in several road mishaps in the past few years. As a result Subs spent a large amount of time and downloads to finally have the menacing problem under control (according to him).

However, I am quite unbothered by my apartment-mate's dedication. I use no filter/mail-client/spam-blocking software. I largely rely on the delete button that mail clients come with. Sometimes, I even spend time reading them - trust me they can be very entertaining, specially with the contrived congeniality. Check out:

This may be our last attempt to contact you, please do not wait until it's too late. Get your application in to us before r a tes (check out the spaces put to avoid getting caught by spam-blockers) go up. Interest rates for mortgages are currently only 3.5 % Please use the short form

Yours sincerely,

My latest favorite is when the guy starts off by saying:

I am sorry. It took me some time before I could find the application you first sent me ...

Aren't they sweet? They spent time to locate the application I did not even send. Or check out:

Dear Sir/madam;

From our records we understand that you are inquiring about a new profession. We have a limited, one time offer. Our Univsersity(check out the skillfully made spelling errors to fool the Bayesian filters) can offer you a Pre-Qualified degree.

To obtain your degree with valid transcripts Call Now.

I have never been offered a pre-qualified degree and it was so nice and kind for these people to blast me with several offers to add a much needed cookery degree to my name. I love these people.

I also feel it's time we start responding to these mails. Visit the links they send - fill out random details, or maybe mail them back sweetly showing great interest but final refusal. Even they deserve their piece of joy. We can even start giving "supplied contacts" of one spammer to another, coz I am sure that a man with a long "member" would love to have his mortgage application accepted too.

So please don't hate the spammers - loathe them.

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