Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Uma to the rescue. The day was spent in finishing up my film project (the demo is tomorrow) and research experiments. Uma helped me a phenomenal amount by lending her voice for the film and in spite of the geographical limitations it really made the film look cooler. Rakesh specially liked this part of the film. I have to mention that Moviemaker was pretty cool and provided pretty much all I needed except for the multiple layers of audio. That's something Premiere provides and I needed it badly - however it's in times like these that the inventive mind comes into play. A bad hack to the above problem is to convert the audio and video into a single movie file and then add the extra layer of audio to it. The process takes much longer to get done but the results are quite satisfying. I was watching the making of Shrek and they said that the actors never spoke together in a studio and all the scenes were recorded separately. This inspired me to record this entire dialogue sequence where both my characters recorded their parts separately (without having any idea what the other person was saying) and the sound effects were recorded separately too. The end result was pretty cool but I am sure I am biased towards the film. One of these days I will make it online for all to judge and rebuke. Till then cheerio.

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