Saturday, June 19, 2004

Watchful Tales

I walked into the shop with my beloved pal. It has been with me for almost ten years now. It changed colors from turquoise blue to some shady shade of green but nevertheless it did it's job - a truly time tested friend.

The subject in question is my timeless time piece from Timex. The fact that it was earned for a once done commendable job in ICSE made it all the more special. Sadly, the other night it suddenly stopped. I tried the customary random shaking, but as it turns out the "salt container technique" was of no use. So I had to take it to the Watch Repair counter, where after an initial attempted battery change the pretty lady in the counter informed me that it was not the battered battery but something else causing the malfunction. An estimate was also given for the job in hand - a shopping $40. A "generous discount" reduced the load of the amount by a good $5 but it was still MORE THAN THE COST OF MY WATCH. Yada yada yada ... I bought a new Casio watch ... remember the time ...

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