Saturday, June 26, 2004

Weekend Part - part Ek
Well the frenzy about GMail continues. I like GMail's strategy of limited release of e-mail addresses - this way there is a certain enigma associated with the service. To dip a finger in the pool of mania and gauge the growing interest, check out this site where people have offered a range of things from photographs of Baggio (remember him) to their virginity in exchange of a GMail invite.

Why am I talking about GMail again? Well, well - this blog now belongs to the proud owner of a GMail id. Not that I am really excited about the extra 1GB space I have now - the satisfaction is derived mainly from the fact that I no longer have to ponder deeply after reading every mass mail claiming spare GMail accounts, wondering whether asking for a mail account will be a good conversation starter.

Ignorance is highly underrated !!!!

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