Sunday, June 13, 2004

Weekend Update
Well this weekend was hectic so I will present my weekend activities in a point-wise(or maybe dumb) fashion:

  • Drove for nearly 250 miles. Me and Sid drove all the way down to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. It was awesome fun and we had a range of experiences on the road including - broken down car, lost in a place of lost-in-translation, mis/dis-placed tickets, taxi-trouble etc. etc. etc.

  • Normally I will refrain from mentioning my academic matters here (except for my occasional mention of a tiring day of research). However, I managed to get 100 in my Financial Investment finals and that deserves mention not for the vanity factor but because I probably made 100 in an exam after a zillion years (nope: in spite of what people say - a 99 in Mathematics in ISC is not the same as a 100).

  • Went and saw Chronicles of Riddick - its OK if you don't expect anything from the movie and watch it in the late night show as we did.
  • Did a bunch of shopping for Indian food - special mention must be made of the fact that I have finally managed to purchase raw paneer - yes paneer and Not cottage cheese.

    So long and so on ...

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