Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Why do I write this?
Coz I have nothing to do
A blank screen, vacant mind, dreams anew!

The above lines were the beginning of some crap that I was about to jot down when Sid commented on my apparent silence throughout the day. So I decided to think about it - whether I was silent and if so why? Maybe I know - maybe I don't - till I find out let me enjoy the silence - coz it lets me hear things which otherwise get lost - the gentle sound that the swimming pool is making, because of the couple swimming in it, is mellifluous in its own right. Combined with their laughter, their happiness, the fact that they seek and find joy in each other - it's infectious.

There is a reason Rishi volunteered to pay to see me get drunk - imagine the kind of crap that I will blabber with alcohol aiding the process - maybe that itself is reason good enough to refrain from the medium.

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