Thursday, July 01, 2004

Admission to my Alma Mater

The BITS, Pilani admission system is drawing a fair share of debate/controversy/publicity of late - check this out. A lot has been read and splattered on numerous web forums and I just thought of adding my perspective on the issue:

1. I support the current board exam based entrance to BITS. Without BITS the whole importance of board exams in India would be brought down. It is undoubtedly the highest ranked engineering college in the country to offer admissions based on 12th standard results and nullifying this system would undervalue the importance of board results for several students.

2. That said, I seriously support the strong allegations of people citing undue advantages to certain boards for their marking system. I have spent a good four years in BITS and strongly agree to the fact that the place is slowly loosing its diversified student mix. If one or two states are accounting for more than 90% of the total population the system is definitely flawed. So, while I don't support a Common Entrance Exam for BITS I strongly urge the administration to re-vamp the admission policy, keeping its reliance on board exams intact.

Once again this has been an issue with a wide range of opinions being voiced. My personal take on the matter is that board results should be weighed by the average result of the student's taken from that board. Such a system is mathematically sound as it would lead to an improved standard of students, reduce advantages provided by board markings alone (since if students fail to perform in Pilani they would reduce the importance of board results) and most importantly under the assumption that the country is equally gifted with talent all over the place - it will gradually help in creating a balanced geographical diversification. I am not saying they should take only the previous year's performance - a moving average over the past few years can be taken. A bunch of other things can be done too - I am sure Pilani has a gamut of bright minds who can come up with it. All I am saying is that to allow the system to survive the system has to change - now!

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