Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Agar Kar nahin hai to?
Just read here that Ajit Agarkar has been dropped from the Indian team selected for the upcoming Asia Cup. If you take a look at the team you will realize that it would have been difficult to put him in it given the fact that almost everyone did something in the Pakistan series and Bhajji had to be brought back. The only person in the team whom he could have replaced is Ashish Nehra and I would have supported that decision. Both are players who have consistently underperformed. Nehra is still reaping benefits from the England tie in the World Cup and Agarkar has the first test in Australia to boast of. Agarkar also has the "all-rounder" tag to his name but come on - when was the last time we saw him put a 5 before the 0 in his score? However, I feel that he will be the first person to be brought back after any one of Nehra, Balaji or Zaheer fails, since he is still in the upper half of the good books of "Maharaj Dada".

On a separate note Rohan Gavaskar has been omitted too. I feel bad for the chap because he did do a good job of whatever opportunity he was given but the famous Indian batting line up makes it impossible for the still-kinda-young chap to wriggle into the team.

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