Monday, July 12, 2004

Read this article which mentions an ongoing company's demand that Google is jeopardizing their business since they are (and were) called "Googles". I personally feel that this is just an attempt to milk the gifted cow but let's wait and watch. Incidentally, a small experiment on my part revealed that the search giant has managed to pretty much buy over all other similar sounding domains that people might have inadvertently typed. Check out - Gogle and Googel.

I also came across a set of interesting lists and true to the virtue of a good blogger I shall share the information with all and sundry:

1. Google Zeitgeist: for Google search related statistics (right now Spiderman 2" rules).
2. Boxofficemojo: for all the information and ranks you need on movie earnings.
3. Channel 4 Lists: this one has a bunch of interesting lists including greatest movie lines, tear-jerkers, sexy movie moments etc.
4. Ask Men: to end these citings on a truly beautiful note, check out Ask Men's list of the 99 most beautiful women. Check out number 70 for a special surprise.

This is someone signing off for now ...

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