Wednesday, July 14, 2004

All that's new(s)
I figured out that I visit around seven news sites a day - NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, BBC, Times Of India, Outlook and Asian Age. I also occasionally visit CNet to nurture my longing for the geeky stuff and occasionally stop by Google News to ensure I haven't missed anything that I shouldn't have. Someone recently asked me why a person like me, who dedicatedly refrains from reading, visits so many news sites and my answer (though slightly cocky) was - Fiction is too far fetched and Facts are oft mundane; News does a good job of mixing the two.

I have to mention though that in spite of my near diligent visiting of these sites I am partial to only certain kinds of content. These include Business, Technology, Arts and Entertainment, some Sports and a few columns that look amusing. Interestingly, I consciously stay away from political news as I don't have any political view point :(

Of these sites I really enjoy BBC's technology section, CNN's money watch and Outlook's columns. I get irked by Asian Age's amateurish layout and have strong opinions against the fact that TOI is quick changing (or maybe it has already changed) from a serious newspaper to an extended gossip column - some of their recent articles include a discussion of fashion mishaps in India ala Jackson style (suggestively titled Peek-A-Boob!), claims that Paris Hilton got a new tattoo on her hind spot (check here) and a photo article on the hotties of Indian cinema. However, I am totally impressed by TOI's "print edition" feature which lets one browse through the newspaper as it is.

More news on news will follow - I need to sleep now to wake up in time for my morning newspaper :)

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