Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Apathy of the confused mind
I have been writing this blog almost meticulously for the past one month. I have to say that I am impressed to find out that I do have a few readers who read this but I have almost started questioning the whole utility of this blog. Look at some of the entries - (i) X is coming to SD (ii) Y is angry with me or (iii) Z and I had a chat today. Does it matter to anyone? I feel disillusioned; an almost desire to make this place meaningful or just shun it to oblivion. But "why" I question again? Does everything need to have a reason? Can't I just indulge in meaningless ramblings without justifying it to anyone and myself? I don't know; I just feel this place should be pepped up; but then I think a whole bunch of other sweet nothings as well. Confused as ever - that is me ... what?

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