Saturday, July 17, 2004

Aye, Robot!
What has now become a habit - my Friday night movie watching, led me to the latest big budget Sci Fi extravaganza - I, Robot. Now before you hear my opinion on the movie you should know what the general critics felt. Some liked the movie (since they spent time on "character building" - this seems the latest obsession among the film connoisseurs), others wrote it off on the grounds that it was "just another" excuse to show ceaseless CGI.

As far as I am concerned I liked the movie, liked it but did not love it. It was like a good first date with a girl; where you enjoy your time, laugh and then come back home and wonder whether you would like to go out with her again, but finally decide against it. The movie is definitely watchable, specially for Will Smith, who I feel has loadsa attitude but never over does the "cool guy" thing. The CGI is also first rate when it came to the Robots but was slightly tacky in the design of the futuristic world. I personally felt the part where they delve into Smith's character's psyche, was a tad bit contrived. The movie had it's share of good (again not great) one liners, which Smith delivers with elan. The one place where the movie failed slightly was that it did not force you to think on the pitfalls of the situation if the setup of the move did happen (I felt that Minority Report had done a great job of it). On the whole though, definitely worth a watch.

Watch it out!

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