Monday, July 26, 2004

Breaking up with the e-mail
Washington post had this article (sadly can't reference it since one needs a membership to access it) on how the growth of spam might lead to the shutting down of e-mails. Can that really happen? Apparently a survey reveals that 60% of organizations agreed to stopping the use of e-mails if it continues to be menacing. Whoa! My dad keeps saying that we are so devoured by technology that we fail to see the world without it. I remember not missing e-mails when I unaware of it 10 years back; never felt the need for the medium. Come 2004 and I check my e-mail almost addictively around 50 times a day (and yes 40 of those 50 times I am greeted with a new "pre-approved mortgage rate"). Still, I believe that a large fraction of human civilization has accepted e-mails as a form of day-to-day communication and it will be a mammoth task to dissuade them (or let go of them). Let's wait and watch (or read).

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