Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Calling out from in there
Much has been splattered on newspapers about the outsourcing and call-centre issue in India. What started as a purely business decision, now has several sociological and political implications. Sadly (I don't know why I am using this term though), I have nothing to add to this matter. However, this TOI article caught my attention where they have decided to use inmates in some American prisons for call centre jobs. I think this is a very interesting decision. Not only does it give these people a chance to make some money but it also addresses the issue of "foreign accents" without increasing the cost. Now that's a good idea with a capital G.

While on the topic of BPOs, every time I mention it in a group I have at least one person who questions me on the term and its meaning. BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and involves the transfer of jobs to other pastures, largely with the intent of making more green. A lot of articles have started using the term synonymously with call centres. While these centres are one of the largest forms of outsourced jobs there is more to BPOs than the "Trrring trrrring factor". Enough said - if you desire more information check out this site.

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