Thursday, July 08, 2004

Car-Man Electra: The common man's super hero
I have been running around all over the place with my car - first, to get it registered and then to get it smog tested and then to find a repair shop that is both a smog check/repair facility. That made me realize that I don't need Spiderman (I seriously can't remember the last time I needed someone to climb a building for me), I don't need Superman (come on the guy still wears his underwear outside) and I don't need Batman or Robin (the guy shares a name with Howard Stern's female side-kick). What I need is a common man's superhero - someone who can do groceries for me or someone who makes sure that I pay my bills on time or as in this case a fabulous motor mechanic who repairs stuff on the road for distressed riders - maybe I shall call this superhero Car-Man. "The name is Car-Man, Car-Man Electra".

Can you imagine the impact? The amount society will benefit from him? Imagine a movie where the lady love is about to board the flight and leave for Europe to be with Greek men equipped with six carved sets of ab-muscles. The hero tries to make a final bid to meet her before she leaves. He is a high school teacher speeding his way to the airport in his 1991 Honda when his car breaks down. He is in despair! A drop of water starts rolling down his cheek (in slow motion) and the camera follows it ... and just when it is about to touch the ground - enters Car-Man. He fixes the car and adds 12 cylinders to it. Hero zooms past the traffic to meet the damsel causing distress and the two get married and speed off to their honeymoon in a car gifted by Car-Man.

So raise your hands in the air - Car-Man baby's out there ...

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