Sunday, July 04, 2004

A crowd of known faces
There seems to be a deluge of known faces in San Diego this weekend. Asad is down is SD with some of his friends and I met up with him this afternoon. For those of you knowing this "tiger on the prowl" - he looks different; strikingly different! Anand Ranganathan (Randy to most others) is in town too, attending one of the innumberable quintessential CS conferences. Gotta meet him tomorrow. Vipin, a friend from my school days, has just joined Qualcomm and am supposed to meet him tomorrow too. The guy has almost become my next door neighbor and it should be good fun catching up with him.

Ain't it funny when some close faces turn blurred and the ones peek-a-booing in the background seem bright and clear. My film class taught me a term for this - rack focus.

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