Friday, July 16, 2004

The Fischy Legend
An article I read in NY Times this morning brought back some childhood memories. The article was about chess-ing great Bobby Fischer, who after leading a fairly reclusive life for the past many years, is likely to get deported back to the US. The reason Fischer brought back many memories was the fact that my dad kept talking about him since I was a child. My dad has always supported sporting greats who had an "image" surrounding them; he always touted for the reckless - McEnroe, Viv Richards, Maradona, Fischer - he always loved the guys who added drama to their game. I had not seen or read too many things about Fischer, except or the fact that he had an IQ of 180 (which is truly amazing) and that he found a variation of standard chess called "Fischerandom" where the pieces behind the pawns are randomly shuffled to start with (I actually liked this variation). Anyway, the news makes me feel like calling up my dad and chatting.

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