Sunday, July 25, 2004

Food for thought (ahem ahem)
Well, no reviews or news snippets today. Just a summary of my day's activities. Woke up and went for Indian lunch alone and followed it up with grocery shopping. Worked a little and then settled for a little siesta. Woke up and went to the gym. Then decided to go for Catwoman but went for Thai dinner with Vipul instead. It was great catching up with him. Topics discussed varied from movies to Intel's plummeting stock prices to marriage and hiking. Talking about hiking I saw the repeat of stand up performances by some of the guests from Colin Quinn's show and one of them pointed out that many people mention hiking as a hobby and are the same lazy bums who refuse to go to the kitchen and fetch a glass of water :) Anyway, after my Thai dinner I came back home and discussed "detective stories with innovative twists" with Subs and Sid (it amazes me how these two can quote lines and obscure character references from stories). Now I have to get down to some serious work before I take a break to watch Coupling at 1. I am fast becoming a fan of this show.

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