Sunday, July 04, 2004

For the want of work the techies played ...
The past 24 hours witnessed a combined effort in our household to computerize some common functionality (this was our way of doing something useful for us). We decided to computerize the entire monthly billing and transaction system. We found out that some other students had done that but their solution lacked features like - input validation, cheque optimization (reduce the total number of cheques we write) etc.

Sub was the first to take some initiative and after we formulated the "cheque optimization problem" he solved it and wrote the code for it. Sid then provided the PHP back-end to save and retrieve the data and moi added the Javascript support for form control and validation. The end result is neat but sadly it is also password protected.

Why did we do it and what is my point in mentioning it here? Nothing. We did it because all of us had nothing to do and thought this would be a cool thing to spend our time on. That's it. No points to make and no points made.

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