Sunday, July 25, 2004

Gayab aya
Just finished watching Gayab - a Hindi rehash of Invisible Man and Hollow Man. It wasn't a great movie but there were some things which were interesting (my yardstick for desi invisible movies is Mr. India which was simply awesome). To start with I thought that the story dealt with a different side of the "Invisible Man story" where a lot of people know about his existence and he (mis)uses his powers. At the same time the movie did not make the character completely black like Kevin Bacon's role in Hollow Man. I personally like gray characters as they seem more real and found the portrayal pretty cool. The story gets slightly monotonous at times but as I said the movie wasn't great as a whole - but still watchable (even though the protagonist can't be seen). I realized that I almost sound like one of those film critics who find faults in movies and then try to attach an aesthetic value to their judgment:)

Yanyway, got tonsa work to finish tomorrow, managing which I might watch Catwoman in the evening. Hmmm!

hey do you have that video Dude, I want to watch it too thanks bye
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