Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The junk is back
I have said enough about spam to qualify as a spammer on spam myself. That's surprising since I've also claimed to be fairly nonchalant about the matter. However, when there is no creativity involved in the process it irks me mildly. For example, last evening Subs and I reveled at a spam which after offering me the "pre approved mortgage" went on to add some really cool English words at the end to avoid being caught by Bayesian filters. It also used certain traits of human cognition to misspell words in a fashion where the spell checkers would fail but I would still get it, e.g. "mortgage" is a common words spam blockers search for, so this one wrote "morgage" instead. Now that was a good spam where the spammer showed some thinking or at least the whole thing challenged my intelligence. Sadly, there's also been a resurgence of the stupid mails where they have no mail body but just a worm filled attachment with the mail. I have received at least 15 of them since yesterday and that is Annoying!

On a different note, I had complained about TOI becoming more of a gossip column as opposed to a newspaper. To reaffirm my claims they have a front page article on Madonna's ex-lovers. Check this out. Phew!

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