Sunday, July 11, 2004

More movie news ...
I pondered and wondered and followed it with a little more pondering on whether to go for dinner or watch a movie instead. My love for cinemascope prevailed. Went and watched Anchorman. The movie is quite funny and has a very impressive list of cameos (including Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Tim Robbins etc.). It belongs to the same genre of goofball comedy as Dodgeball but I personally preferred the latter, though this one was quite good too. The movie is quite satirical, taking incessant shots at 70's chauvinistic news-room arena. As far as Will Ferrell is concerned, I think he is fast becoming one of the most dependable comedic stars - remember his villainous act in Zoolander; well the same guy has now churned two consecutive solo hits. What I like about Ferrell is that he goes to massive lengths to make a scene funny (something which is present in Ben Stiller as well).

Overall, a 3 star on 5 I would say, but keep in mind that I am an avid watcher and generous grader.

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