Thursday, July 15, 2004

The movie(e) summer - read the whole blog to find out why the extra e - cheap technique to hold viewer attention

I am somewhat disappointed with this summer's movie bonanza. What I expect from a good movie season is a spree of large scale productions that are so big that each movie overshadows the previous one. A good summer to me is one where no "one" movie rules the weekend box-office more than one week. Sadly, this summer has not offered me that. Come on - Sleepover, Cinderella Story ??? These are not supposed to be summer releases. I agree we've had the ogre and the wizard perform some magic. The web spinning hero has also risen to new heights but other than that the summer has been fairly damp I would say. I am personally looking forward to I,Robot releasing this weekend but I don't think it will change things in a big way. If you don't agree with me check out the #1 movies of the weekends starting mid May to mid July last summer. They included:

1. X2: X-Men United
2. The Matrix Reloaded
3. Bruce Almighty (2 weeks)
4. Finding Nemo (2 weeks but not in succession)
5. 2 Fast 2 Furious
6. Hulk
7. Charlies Angels: Full Throttle
8. T3
9. Pirates of the Caribbean
10. Bad Boys II

Compare this with the #1s in the same period this year:

1. Troy
2. Shrek 2 (3 weeks)
3. Harry Potter (2 weeks)
4. Dodgeball
5. Fahrenheit
6. Spider Man 2 (3 weeks)

Need I say more. There just doesn't seem to be a deluge of the biggies. Well, well :(

Anyway, coming to the issue of the extra e at the beginning, check out this site which lists the first 2 million digits of the number e. I am sure you will read through this information carefully.

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