Sunday, July 18, 2004

Quality of Searches
This is part two of my exploration of search engines. Part I evaluated three of the engines - Google, Yahoo and MSN on the sheer volume of search results and Google and Yahoo seemed to be considerably better than MSN. However, normally when I am searching for stuff I don't go beyond the first 1-3 pages of search results. So it doesn't matter much if I get 10 million results as opposed to 23 million. So today I decided to conduct some basic tests on the quality of the results. I also added Teoma to the list. I just searched for a few key words and tested how high up the list the result I most desired appeared. The results are given below:

1. Key Words - Sagnik Nandy (now where have I heard that name ?)
Expected Result - my web page
Position of result (1 means it was the first result): Google - 1, Yahoo - 2, MSN - 1, Teoma - 8

2. Key Words - Times Of India
Expected Result - the TOI front page
Position of result: Google - 1, Yahoo - 1, MSN - 1, Teoma - 1

3. Key Words - "best search engine"
Expected Result - probably Google :) but I was ready to get anything satisfactory (mind you the key words were unlikely to appear in the front page of any of the engines)
Position of result: Google - 9, Yahoo - 1, MSN - 1, Teoma - 1

I don't know whether this was modesty but Google was the only one that did not return Google on top. I found it ironic.

Anyway, enough on searches. Based on the results of these three simple queries and some others that I shall not bore you with I would say Google rules in quality but Yahoo and MSN are close enough to be as good I would say. Temoa needs work.

(ok. i was wondering if i should tell you about this, but this post has made up my mind on the matter! ;-))

a week or so back, someone searched for cherrys name on google and landed up on my blog. three times.

today someone had been googling your name twice, and they landed up on my blog.

...what have you bitsians been upto? starting a small terrorist squad or something? :))

ps: hmm. bright after thought. dyou keep track of your archives?! ah well. ill know if i get to read one of your hilarious posts on How You're Being Stalked By A Mysterious Woman (cherry's theory) Or Intelligence Agent (mine)! :D

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