Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Reality bites
Yes! I finally cast my first vote for a reality show - the show being NBC's Last Comic Standing. Lesse if my vote mattered - personally I have almost always shown great disbelief in any form of voting - not that this one was the first one (nor is worthy of being termed momentous) but it was among the few rare times that I have voted.

This weekend sees the release of four movies of which I plan to watch three - Harold and Kumar ..., The Manchurian Candidate and The Village. Shall stay away from Thunderbirds. Surprisingly "Harold ..." has won rave reviews (check out here);the surprise arising from the absence of the critical slaughtering this genre normally receives.

Have been pretty much away from music for the last few days - barring exception to the title track from the forthcoming Dhoom, featuring Tata Young. Need to listen more, read more, understand more and for sheer peace of mind - forget all of it.

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