Saturday, July 03, 2004

Remember those guys
I just discovered that Maria Sharapova won the Wimbledon by pretty much demolishing Serena Williams. I have seen the girl only once or twice on TV. Frankly speaking, I have lost the gusto I once had for watching the game. I still remember that I was a little kid and had to plead my mom repeatedly to give me a day's (actually night) break from studies so that I could watch this new sensation called Boris Becker. He was 18 then and I was 9. I remember the hysteria surrounding him. I was a huge Becker fan and hated it when Edberg would defeat him (I also remember what a huge Edberg fan my good friend Suraj was/is). This was the same anger that I later felt when Steffi ousted Martina, Seles defeated Steffi (yes I had switched loyalties towards her by then), Sampras defeated Agassi et al.

Sadly, this thing I did, called engineering, diverted my love for the game and all I do these days is occasionally check out the names of winners. Whatever happened to those people? Remember Jim Courier? Or the one time boy wonder Michael Chang? Or Path Cash? The buttock balled Sanchez? Did I really see those people coz lot of people I speak to these days don't even know them :( I guess it's not love all after all.

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