Monday, July 26, 2004

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I somehow don't like aggregation services when it comes to search engines (engines which gather search results from other engines and put it up) for (i) they try to use the hard work of others and do nothing much themselves (ii) sometimes when I go to a particular search engine (read Google) I want a specific feature specific to that site; something which gets lost in aggregation engines and (iii) these engines normally have grotesque interfaces.

The market leader in this space is probably Dogpile. This one is actually not that bad but what I find most amusing in this site is that they replace the search button with a "Fetch" button true to their dog-matics. A little humor is always a cool thing. Incidentally, courtesy this site I reached a new search engine called Kanoodle which wasn't any good but the name caught my attention.

While on the issue of search engines check out this slightly old but intesresting article discussing the future of the space.

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